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Sarjame Storage has been operating for four years, managing on farm grain storage for many clients in Northern NSW and Queensland. Prior to this, I was the manager at Graincorp Moree for over 20 years.

Sarjame offer a complete grain storage solution for growers, from assistance through harvesting, assessing grain, managing on farm storage, in and out loading, fumigation and site hygiene.

I have worked extensively with all forms of grain storage and have come to believe that the Grain Master bunker system is by far superior. The benefits include ease of operation of the bunker, when locking down and greatly reduced time in, in and out loading. The superior seal allows for effective fumigation and the security offered by the tarp clamping down system means no more lost or ripped tarps.

I have used the Grain Master Bunker system with many of my clients and recommend it highly to any grower who wants to maximise profits and preserve the quality of their grain. It is reassuring to know that when a bunker is locked down, one doesn't have to worry about pest and weather threats, even in extreme conditions and during the volatile harvest season. Collapsing dirt walls, split bags and lost/ripped tarps are all problems avoided.

When it comes to providing an outstanding service, the guys at Grain Master, really have it covered. The bunkers arrive on time and erection is usually same day. On many occasions the grower has wanted additional bunkers or wall extensions at extremely short notice and Grain Master has been able to deliver.

On a per tonne basis, the Grain Master system is by far the cheapest and most reliable system available in the market today.

Peter Hobday
Sarjame Storage
Moree NSW 2400


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